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Q. What is ImagineTrip.com?

Started with the idea of offering world class travel experience at most affordable prices to people of India, ImagineTrip.com started offering services at our first office in Surat, Gujarat. We are already in the process of expanding our presence in some other selected Metro Cities as well & soon you will be finding our local offices or our Authorized Agents nearby your home towns to serve you better. Our website & brand name ImagineTrip.com is a flagship brand of My Imagine Tours Pvt. Ltd, which is a professionally managed Travel & Tourism Company. Our brand name & logo ImagineTrip.com is registered trademark in India.

Q. Is ImagineTrip.com any travel agent?  What services do you offer exactly?

A. ImagineTrip.com is not any Travel Agent or Travel Agency for any third party. We are a Online Tour Operator. We Design Tour Packages. We operate tour packages our own. We also provide Booking services for Air Tickets, Hotel Bookings, VISA services & Travel Insurance. We do have our own authorized Travel Agents located in various cities who will be offering booking services for our Products. You may avail our services from our online portal, our offices & through our authorized travel agents.  

Q. How different is IMAGINETRIP.COM from other Tour Operators?

We deliver what we promise. We are one of the Best User Friendly company in Tourism Market. We understand your need and we ensure you get the Best deal all the times even when you are not demanding. We stand our Promise of ‘’Quality Holidays at Affordable Prices’’ at all the times.  We believe the HOLIDAYS ARE FOR EVERYONE and we make it happen no matter what.

Q. What are the main features IMAGINETRIP.COM?

The Main Features of our Portal are listed bellow:

  • Book any package online from your Laptop, Smartphone, Tablet or PC as per your convenience. The Booking process is truly easy and simple.
  • You need not to confirm with us before booking any tour package. Once it is booked, it is our responsibility to deliver.
  • Book with Confidence without worrying about Hidden or Additional charges. Once the Package has been booked at Given rate, you will not be asked to pay anything extra unless in unforeseen circumstances.
  • You can check total costing of your purchase at the time of booking. No Hidden charges. What you see, you pay that only. Just go through Inclusion & Exclusion part for any tour package & get a clarity for everything about any package.
  • In an unfortunate event, if you want to cancel the tour package, you may cancel the same online. You need not to visit our Branch or give any reason for cancellation. The Online cancellation process is also very easy. Your refund amount as per cancellation policy will be redeemed back to your account in a few days.

Q. How to get in touch of IMAGINETRIP.COM while on tour?

You may call us anytime on our official contact no. +91 261 266 8948 during office hours (10 AM to 07 PM – Monday to Saturday) for immediate response.

In case of immediate reply, call us at + 91 9638335511 / + 91 7096327174 / + 971 52 64 78701. You may also contact via WhatsApp on above nos. in case you are not able to make phone calls due to any reason.

Q. What does your Holiday Packages or Tours Include?

A. Holiday tour package is product which take care of whole tour including flights, hotels, sightseen, transfers, travel insurance, visa if needed. However, it’s not necessary that every package included all above services. It’s totally depends upon inclusions and exclusions of the package you are planning to book. You are advised to refer Inclusion & Exclusion part of particular package you are referring to have a clear idea of set of services you shall be providing as part of package tour.

Q. Can I book package for Hotel Stay & Sightseeing only?

A. YES, such packages called as LAND ONLY PACKAGES. In which all services will be provided from the time of arrival till departure, like hotel stay, transfer & sightseen as per inclusion in package. In such case you need to arrange Air Ticket or Rail ticket to reach your starting point of tour package on your own. In other option, you can also customize package as per your requirement and availability. You may always discuss with us for your specific requirements in tour package.

Q. What is AP, MAP, CP mentioned in your tour code / tour plan stands for?

A. It is a meal plan explained for inclusions of meals in particular tour package.

  • AP - AMERICAN PLAN means Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are included for the duration of tour package.
  • MAP - MODIFIED AMERICAN PLAN means Breakfast & any of Lunch & Dinner are included. You may choose either Lunch or Dinner as per your convenience. Normally people prefer inclusion of Dinner as during day time they are on tour & may opt for choice of food.
  • CP - CONTINENTAL PLAN means only Breakfast is included as meal in your package. 

Q. What is the main difference between Group Tour Package & Individual Tour Package?

A. Normally we tag any tour as either Group Tour or Individual Tour based on no. of people travelling together. In a typical group tour, you will be travelling with other group of people in size of more than 10 to 15 people in  bigger vehicle like Bus. The size of group can vary from anywhere between 10 to 50 people travelling together depending upon destination.

In case of Individual tours, you will be travelling with your selected Group of Family of Friends normally in smaller vehicles like Car or Minivans.

Q. What are the benefits of travelling in a group package?

A. The Main advantages are :

  • Generally Lower costing compared to Individual Package
  • You get to travel with like minded people which will help you get to meet & know other people & make new friends
  • Mostly such packages are all inclusive for a given stay & hence you need not to worry about any specific arrangements.

Q. What are the Benefits of Travelling in Individual Package?  

A. The Main advantages are :

  • You may customize the package as per your choice & requirements
  • Choose the dates as per your convenience & availability
  • Greater flexibility in spending time on your choice of destinations
  • If you need privacy then Individual packages are always best choice

Q. What documents should I carry for Domestic Tour?

A. A valid government approved photo id and residency proof for each traveler is normally more than enough.

Q. What documents should I carry for International Tour?

A. The Main Documents are :

  • Original Passport
  • VISA Copy
  • Copy of Hotel Booking Vouchers
  • Travel Insurance (If applicable for your travel country)
  • Always keep a copy of your Passport & VISA with in a separate bag. Also give one copy of passport & VISA to your relatives in India when you travel abroad for emergency purposes.
  • Forex Exchange Bills

Q. What assistance shall be provided if I suffer from illness while on tour?

A. If you feel sick then kindly inform our tour leader. He/she will assist you for the medical air or doctor on call. However, the cost will have to be borne by you.

Q. What assistance related to VISA can I expect from IMAGINETRIP.COM if I am planning to travel on international tour?

A. Imagine trip provide you assistance for visa. However, to grant a visa to you is totally depends on the Embassy. For more information about VISA services, please refer to VISA section of our website.

Q. Can I avail early booking benefit?

A. Yes, you get an advance booking discount by paying full amount of package. Discount is based on slab wise. They are valid for limited seats, limited tour and limited period and are given on first come first serve basis so avail this discount benefit and save thousands.

Q. Can I book flight on my own & just join for your tour?

A. Yes, ImagineTrip.com will provide you this facility that you can join us on first destination and leave on last destination. In such that case, we are not responsible for any travel insurance, flights, and visa services.

Q. If I book Flight / Railway Ticket on my own, do I require to submit a copy to ImagineTrip.com?

A. Yes you must be providing flight/train timing details so that can we can make arrangement accordingly.

Q. Where should I get my money exchanged while abroad?

A. We recommend that you exchange the money at banks or foreign exchange bureaus. They will provide better rate than the hotel. And it is advisable to use only authorized dealers to prevent from fraud and cheat.

Q. If I misplace my passport, what assistance will I be provided while on tour?

A. Ideally only 1 Tour Leader is assigned to manage the group & since he has to follow the itinerary, the group may have to move ahead to the next destination while you may have to stay back at your current location - additional services will be on chargeable basis! Either we may be able to provide you with assistance - subject to availability & on chargeable basis only - who'll assist you with all the required & necessary formalities like lodging a complaint / FIR at the nearest police station & securing a Landing Certificate from the Indian Embassy of the respective international destination.

Q. Do I need Overseas Travel insurance?

A. It is advisable to acquire adequate Overseas Travel Insurance cover for protection from any possible risks such as damage, loss, accident or injury to life etc. on tour. Guest above 59 years of age will have to pay the difference on the insurance premium as applicable.

Q. Do I need to carry multiple currencies as per different countries visited on the tour?

A. USD / EURO are universally accepted currencies and easily exchangeable in any part of the world. No need to carry multiple currencies. You can carry the local currency of the visiting country worth $50 for miscellaneous expenses and if in case of emergency.

Q. How much foreign exchange can I carry on tour?

A. As per RBI circular, the Basic Travel Quota per financial year is US $10,000 per person for private visit and US $25, 000 for business visit. This may change anytime hence please consult with us for updated information.

Q. Is it advisable to carry foreign exchange in Cash on tour?

A. You can carry cash but we advise you to carry American Express Travelers Cheques as it is accepted around the world. It is safer than cash and if lost or stolen can be replaced worldwide, usually within 24 hours. Travelers Cheques also enable you to budget, track and control your travel expenses easily. Also, we have Forex Card which is a magnetic strip based Prepaid Card usually introduced in partnership with Visa International or Master Card International, which offers you a convenient and secure way to carry your foreign exchange. You may also use your international Credit Card for shopping.


A. When one plans and books his holiday as per his requirement, rather than booking a Group Tour/Fixed Departure, it is called a Free Individual Traveler or a Tailor Made or a Customized Holiday. The person gets to travel as per his travel plan, dates, destinations etc.

Q. What are the advantages of travelling in Individual Package?  

A. The Main advantages are :

  • You may customize the package as per your choice & requirements
  • Choose the dates as per your convenience & availability
  • Greater flexibility in spending time on your choice of destinations
  • If you need privacy then Individual packages are always best choice

Q. What kind of Vehicle be provided for Individual Package?

A. The type of vehicle would be mentioned in the travel details before you book any specific tour. Its purely depends on group size and destination. Normally for a smaller groups, we provide Cabs, Minivans or Tempo Traveler. You may choose the cab type & discuss with us for costing based on your travelling preferences.

Q. Will I be provided Cab on Leisure Day?

A. Yes. By paying extra cost you will be provided cab. Alternately you may spend your time on your own in your Hotel or Resorts for a given leisure day. You may also arrange your own local transport for visiting nearby places during any such leisure day.

Q. What is generally size of Group Tour Package?

A. Generally size of group tour depends upon the destination. If specific tour gets over response, then it may increase the group size.

Q. What kind of vehicle do you provide for Group Travel Package?

A. The type of vehicle would be mentioned in the travel details before you book any specific tour. Its purely depends on group size and destination. Normally for Group Packages we prefer to Provide Volvo or Scania Type Buses or similar modes of transport which suits the package type & no. of people travelling together.

Q. Who would be my co travelers in a group tour?

A. Your co-travelers can be any individual, right from a professional C.A or Doctor to a teacher, a teenager, an artist, a politician, businessman, people of any religion, from any region, any language etc. When you return from your dream holiday, we assure you that there will be additions to your friends list.

Q. Is it possible to extend my stay at my choice of destination?

A. You can extend your stay provided you intimate us of such extension at the time of your booking. Additional charges will be applicable. No extensions/alterations can be done when the tour is in progress.

Normally extensions are offered as Pre / Post Night stay at start or end destinations of your tour package. In a group package, it is difficult to offer extension in transit destinations. For any such requirements, you may customize the package & opt for Individual package, so you may enjoy your time at your choice of destinations.

Q. Can I avail just part of the tour?

A. It is not advisable to do tours partly as you wont be able to experience your dream destinations completely. ImagineTrip.com offers you a wide range of products that suit your requirements. Our travel consultants will guide you on the same.

Q. Is the tour Itinerary susceptible to last minute change?  

A. We do not change the itinerary nor date of the tour, however in case of force majeure events, circumstances force us to change the routing or date of the tour just for your safety.

Q. How may days early do I need to Book package before my planned departure date?

A. It is always advisable to book your tour well advance of your choice. It’s easy to confirm your choice hotel and flight reservations. Generally you get better Deals if you book well in advance. You may prepare well for your upcoming dream destinations.

Our Online Booking system will allow you to book any tour package before 3 days of Departure. Domestic holiday can be booked even 1 day prior to departure, provided you walk in to any of our branches.

International holidays booking lead time will be based on the country one wants to travel to. Due attention should be given to VISA processing time, which varies from country to country & accordingly tour package should be planned. Countries providing on arrival VISA's can we booked 24 to 48 hours prior.

Q. What are the booking options available for me?

A. The Tour package may be booked Online, by visiting our local offices & through our authorized travel agents. The Best way to Book you Tour package is always booking through online portal as you may access the package details at all the times.

Q. How can I Book the package online from your website?

A. Go to the Book Now page of your selected package. Fill the details for passengers who will be travelling with you on package. You may also select and add any optional excursions, if available with that package. You may submit & review your details before making payment. The system will show you costing for based on no. of persons travelling. You may then make the payment as per payment policy. One you complete the payment process, you will receive email and sms confirmation from our side with details of invoices.

Q. How can I make Booking for the second & third part as part of cancellation policy?

A. Once you have paid Booking amount, You may log in & access Manage My Booking section to access your booking information. You may go through Payments & scroll down & see ‘’Pay Remaining Amount’’ button. Please access this & follow the set of instructions to make payments for second & third part as applicable for your booking.

Q. What is the Age criteria for Children for Booking Process in Enter Travelers Details Section on Booking page?

A. An Adult is considered an individual having completed 12 years of Age at the time of travelling. To put it simply, if age on the date of travelling if more than is 12 years, then consider him as Adults & bellow 12 years should be considered as Child. If the age of Child is in between 2 to 12 years then they are considered as Child & those less than 2 years will be considered as Infant for the purpose of Booking. In our Booking process however, there are no difference given for Infant & Child, instead we have given options of CWB & CNB in Enter Children details section.

Q. What is CWB & CNB

A. CWB stands for Child with Bed & CNB means Child with No Bed. Simply, for older children (6 – 12 years) where you need to provide Bed in Hotel room, you should select CWB option for booking purpose. For Infants & smaller children (0 – 5 years), it is preferable to book with CNB option. In general, CWB cost will be considerable higher than CNB category. Hence if you do not require separate bed for your child, you should choose CNB category. However, it is important to note that most of the Hotels worldwide considers children above 6 years for CWB category only.

Q. Is there any specific reason, why there is a remarkable difference in the price for an Infant & a Child for the World Tours?

A. Airlines have different airfares both infant and child as per their defined age category. For infant, airfare is 10% of the adult airfare whereas for child, it is 75% of adult fare or at times child fare may be the same as adult fare. For child above 2 years we also provide separate coach seats for the entire tour.

Q. What is the Meaning of Optional Excursions found on Booking page?

A. In certain packages, we offer some activities or say Optional excursions which you may enjoy during your free time / free days during your tour. These are optional in nature & hence you may add only if you wish to pay for them. You may also decide the no of Adults & Child who would like to join for such optional excursions. This enables you greater flexibility in terms of managing your costs.

Q. Why is the Tour price quoted in Indian Rupees as well as in Foreign currency in some of the packages?

A. This is because we incur expenses of the tour in two currencies. Your air tickets, visa, documentation, some part of land arrangements and miscellaneous expenses are done in Indian currency whereas your land arrangements like hotel booking, meals, coach, sightseeing, entrance tickets etc. are done in foreign currency.

Q. What is your Payment Policy?

A. Please refer bellow for payment policy details:

  • Initial deposit of 10 % of Total Tour Cost to confirm you are booking with us.
  • 50% of the Total Tour Cost per person to be made before 30 days of the departure.
  • 100% of the Total Tour Cost per person to be made at least 15 days before departure.

Q. Do I need to pay entire tour price at the time of booking any tour?

A. At the time of booking you need to pay only 10% of the land package cost, 100% of the airfare and VISA. This might vary depending upon the lead time available from the day of booking and the tour departure date. Please refer Payment Policy to have an idea of how much you need to pay at the time of booking.

Q. Can someone else pay for my booking?

A. Yes That can be done. Please discuss with us for such details.

Q. What are the modes of payment?

A. Credit Card, Debit card, NET Banking or Online Transfers (NEFT/RTGS/IMPS), Mobile Wallets can be used to make payments for Online Booking. If you wish to make payments through Cash, Cheque or DD, please visit our Branch or approach our authorized travel agents. Please note booking through cash will be done as per Govt. Regulations.

Q. I am not comfortable booking package online. What should I do? 

A. You may contact our office for details about booking the package online. In this case you will need to make payment through cash or cheque. We may also advise you to approach our travel agents located in your city who will also offer similar booking process for you.

Q. Are there any advantages of Online Booking?

A. Yes. If you Book the package online, you may access details of your booking all the time form Manage My Booking section once you log in. Also some packages offer special online Booking discounts, which can be availed only if you book the package online. This also helps in case of cancellation, as your refunds will be transferred online to your account.

Q. What is an E Ticket?

A. An e-ticket is a paperless electronic document with a unique confirmation number that neatly replaces the hassles of a paper ticket. You may request for a copy to be sent to your e-mail id, in-case of International tours - if & when you require e-tickets for buying Forex, for VISA formalities. For outstation guests who have booked Domestic tours & may arrive at the airport before the scheduled time, we may issue an e-ticket copy if requested for - on a case to case basis, under such circumstances, you are requested to not make any changes in it at the airport as it is a group PNR & any changes may create problem for the entire group!

Q. Can I make changes in my Tour plan once the booking has been done?

A. Yes you can modify your tour plan. There may be certain charges for cancelling your old booking and making new arrangement. Please discuss with us for any changes you require in your booked package.

Q. When will I get travel voucher?

A. Travel voucher and other details will be providing you 3 days prior to the date of travel.

Q. How do I know if my booking is confirmed or not?

A. You will get confirmation mail once your booking is confirm when booked any package or service online. You will also receive SMS confirmation on your registered email mobile no. In booking done through office, you will be given confirmation slip towards cash receipt.

Q. What are Special Online Discount, Group Discount & Package Specific Discount? How can I avail the same?

A. Special Online Discount are applicable to certain Packages which are available for Online Booking only. This are to encourage people to buy holiday package online.

Group Discounts are offered on select packages for Group of People (normally Six plus numbers) travelling together. The discount is offered in slabs based on Group size. The bigger the group size, the higher the discount amount. You may check with us applicable discount slab for your Group.

Package specific discount are applicable on specially prompted package for limited time.

For all types of discount mentioned amount, you may need to apply Coupon Code to avail the discount while making payment. We generally advertise such codes through our marketing materials & if you receive same, you may use in line with details as offered. You may anytime check with us for discount details of any listed packages on our website. Our travel consultants will guide on all your queries related to discount & ongoing offers, if any.

Q. How can I check my payment and billing details?

A. You can check your billing and tour related information online once you log in to our website. GO to Manage My Booking section & you may access all of your Booking related information.

Q. Prior to tour departure is there any information provided?

A. We do give pre-departure information sheet once you book a tour which consists information about the destination, things to carry, weather, shopping etc. It is also available on the website under post booking information

Q. Do we get any confirmation call of our scheduled departure?

A. Yes, 2 to 3 days prior to your scheduled departure we give a call to inform the reporting time and place.

Q. How can I cancel the package in case I need to?  

A. Please Log In & go to Manage My Booking section. Access the tour details & find the cancel button. Once you submit request, system will ask you to confirm your cancellation request. Upon successful submittal your tour package will be cancelled. You will receive an Email confirmation that your package has been cancelled.

Q. What is the Cancellation Policy?

A. Please refer bellow for details of cancellation policy.

  • Booking amount is Non Refundable.
  • 31 Days or more prior to Departure: 10 % of Total Tour Cost per person
  • 30 Days to 16 Days prior to Departure: 50% of the Total Tour Cost per person
  • Less than 15 Days prior to Departure Date: 100% of the Total Tour Cost per person
  • Cancellation in Air Tickets (wherever applicable) will be as per Airline norms and conditions.

Q. Why the Booking Amount is non refundable?  

A. Once you book your package with us, we have to pay a confirmation amount to third parties like Hoteliers, Transporters & Other suppliers. In case of cancellation of tour package, we are not able to recover such amounts paid to them & hence we may not refund your Booking amount.

Q. What happens when we cancel the tour package?

A. Once we receive your official conformation for cancellation, we immediately start to process your refunds in order to provide you Best Refund wherever possible.

Q. Will you offer any discount in Cancellation charges if we Rebook same package on different date or different package from your website altogether.   

A. Yes. In case of genuine reasons if you are forced to cancel your package, we may offer you alternate package or alternate date subject to availability. In such case we do offer special waive of in cancellation charges levied to you.

Q. How do you calculate Refunds if I cancel any package? How do I get paid my refund amount?

A. We calculate the refund amount keeping Cancellation Policy in center. The refund amount depends upon Total Tour Cost, Your Date of Booking, Date of Travel & Date of cancellation. Based on above factors, whatever your refund amount is derived, the same will be credited back to your account.

For payments done through cash or cheuqe, refund amount will be given in the form of cheque. In no case, refunds will be given in Cash.

In case of circumstances beyond control, if we are forced to close the tours, we will refund total payments made to us towards cost of the tours.

In any circumstances ImagineTrip.com will not be liable for any other liabilities apart from cost of tours paid to us.

Q. If due to Visa rejection I need to cancel my travel plan then do I get a refund?

A. Yes, you can get a refund after deducting the Visa application fees and cancellation charges, if any.

Q. How much time does it usually take to process the refunds?

A. Ideally, it takes 10 - 15 working days to process refunds in your account through online mode. The delay is due to Banking Process & it is not in our control. In case of Offline payment mode, we normally refund your payment within One Week from the date of official confirmation.

Q. What is be the mode of payment in case of refund?

A. Ideally, the refund amount is credited using the same mode of payment that you had used to book the tour, the only exception in this case is if you had used Cash/Demand Draft in such case, the mode of payment for refund will be 'Account Payee' cheque only. In case of Credit Card, the transaction would be reversed accordingly, considering the bank charges/Service charges on Credit Card payments which is non-refundable.

Q. What are the modes of travel on tour?

A. The modes of travel depend upon the tour which you book. Generally, we travel by Flight, Coach, Train, Cruise, Speed boat, Jet Foil, Cable Car, etc. as mentioned in the itinerary. For more information refer respective tour itinerary page on the website.

Q. Are there any night journeys on tour?

A. For flights we may have night journeys, but we normally avoid night journeys on tour as far as possible.

Q. How hectic is the pace of the tours?

A. We have a wide range of products which are designed as leisurely paced to medium paced to fast. Most of the tours are medium to fast pace as we cover maximum must see sightseeing. However some package are very low paced such as stay in resorts during weekends. For exact scenario, you should discuss with our Travel consultant as they may share details on how your will be handled.

Q. Do we have to walk a lot on tours?

A. Generally, we have to walk at sightseeing places, amusement parks and at the airports sometimes for a long distance, however the same will be timely instructed by the Tour Leader.

Q. Do we have to wake up early on tours?

A. Unless otherwise specified by the Tour Leader for Package Tour, we normally follow 6-7-8 schedule i.e., wake up at 6 am, breakfast at 7 am and departure at 8 am and for Indian tour its 7-8-9 schedule i.e. wake up at 7 am, breakfast at 8 am and departure at 9 am. However, the schedule may change as per the situation.

Q. Do we get wake-up calls on tours?

A. Yes, you do get telephonic wake up call through the hotel automated system, however it is advisable to have your mobile alarms set to be on the safer side.

Q. What if I reach late and miss a part of the tour?

A. Punctuality is of utmost importance when traveling in group. We do not want you to miss any part of the tour so please be on time and always follow the Tour Leader's instructions. In case, you miss any part of the tour, we are not responsible/liable and no refund shall be given to you in this regard.

Q. What assistance is provided to a disabled person or a senior citizen, who needs special assistance on tour?

A. A qualified companion must accompany the guest who needs such special assistance as individual assistance cannot be given to such guest by the Tour Leader considering he has to manage the entire group.

Q. Can I take a wheelchair on tour? Will it be difficult while visiting places?

A. Yes, you can bring your own wheel chair and move at most of the sightseeing places but a qualified companion must accompany guest who are traveling on wheelchair.

Q. Will I get drinking water during sight-seeing?

A. In most of the countries tap water is considered very safe and widely available. In-case, it is not so and wherever ImagineTrip provides the same is mentioned in the respective tour itinerary page on the website.

Q. Will I get some time for my-self on the tour?

A. Group Tour Itineraries are designed and planned in such a way that you should get to see maximum places, so you will get time only when you are back at the hotel. However, if you wish to skip any sightseeing, then you have to inform the Tour Leader accordingly, but you shall not get any refund for such services which you have not availed at your own discretion.

Q. At a particular destination, can my relative join me on the tour?

A. Yes, your relative is always welcome. S/he can join us on tour subject to your intimation to us at the time of your booking and payment of prescribed charges to make him / her eligible to join our tour and avail our services on tour.

Q. Will ImagineTrip recommend me where to shop on a tour ?

A. Our Tour Leader will provide information about the shopping areas on tour, however s/he will not suggest/recommend / promote any particular shop, area etc. to you.

Q. Can I use my credit card for shopping / personal expense while on an International tour?

A. Yes, you can use Internationally accepted Credit Cards for shopping and personal expenses but kindly cross check with your Bank before effecting any transaction. We are not responsible/liable for any loss, fraud, damage, cheating etc., if any, occurs in such cases.

Q. How can I stay in touch with my family and friends on a World Tour?

A. While on tour, you can be in touch with your family and friends through a local calling card or local sim card as you may deem fit and desirable. You have to carry your mobile handset. We are not responsible for any charges levied by the international local authorities neither shall be responsible for loss of your mobile handset.

Q. What assistance is provided, if I dis-continue the scheduled tour, on account of illness?

A. If you fall sick on tour, kindly inform the Tour Leader immediately. The Tour Leader will assist you in making all arrangements for the medical aid, doctor on call etc. However, the expenses will have to be borne by you. Here, Insurance plays a major role hence we highly recommend that you should get yourself and your family insured adequately before travel.

Q. Can I get medicine on a World Tour?

A. We highly recommend you to carry sufficient medicines along with you on tour. While packing, distribute them evenly in different bags to ensure that you have some medicine with you incase there is any delay in getting baggage or loss. However you do get medicines on tour but your doctors prescription for the same is a must.

Q. How is the seat allocation in the coach?

A. Seat numbers in the coach are allotted on the booking priority, first come first serve basis. Seat numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 in each coach are reserved for the Tour Leader / Guide and are Premium seats. Further seat allocation is done as per the booking priority and the same is informed by the Tour Leaders on tour.

Q. How can I get first seats in the coach?

A. You need to book as early as possible to get the first seats in the coach. However, for selected World Tours, seat number 3, 4 are reserved as premium seats which can be booked subject to availability and at an additional cost. Premium seats cannot be availed if the tour is full.

Q. How many hours approximately is the road journey everyday? Do we have frequent stops en route?

A. The road journey is completely dependent on the tour itinerary and number of places covered. The driving distance varies for each tour. You get sufficient halts during the journey.

Q. What type of meals are included on tour?

A. As per the tour itinerary requirement, there is a preset menu. We specially focus on Vegetarian Food. Non-veg food can be arranged on request bus must be informed to us at the time of booking. Breakfast is continental and meals are Indian with an occasional addition of Fast/Local food. We also arrange Jain Meals if requested to us in advance at your dream destinations.

Q. Can I request for a special meal?

A. Yes, special meal like Jain meal (No onion garlic), Fasting meal- as per availability and Baby meal can be arranged subject to prior intimation. In case of baby meal we provide tin milk, plain dal and rice only, during meals as per the itinerary. For in between requirements of baby we recommend you carry sufficient baby food along with you. All Special Meal request has to be informed to us at the time of Booking.

Q. Do you have a cook or caravan facility on World Tours?

A. For World Tours, we generally have meals at Indian restaurants as it gives you an opportunity to enjoy a different ambiance and is comfortable. At times, we do give packed food too depending upon the itinerary.

Q. I am an avid tea consumer, do you have provision for the same ?

A. You can have tea /coffee at the time of breakfast. Also, at various sightseeing places we provide tea/coffee/ice cream/soft drink etc which is mentioned in our itinerary under Extra Toppings. ImagineTrip also provides you instant tea/coffee sachets with which you can have tea / coffee in your room whenever you want for World Tour.

Q. Does the Tour Leader assist us on the entire tour?

A. Yes, the tour leader will assist you throughout the tour and this is one of the USP's of ImagineTrip. However, they are not responsible for baggage or any kind of personal belongings.

Q. In which language will the Tour Leader communicate with us on tour?

A. The Tour Leader will preferably communicate or give instructions on tour in Hindi and English. We do provide tour leaders in regional languages such as Gujarati, Marathi, etc.

Q. Generally how many Tour Leaders are allotted to a group tour?

A. For World Tours, we have 1 Tour Leader for the entire group whereas for Indian Tours, 1 Tour Leader with 1 or 2 Tour Assistant depending upon group size.


Q. Can I upgrade my class of travel or airline?

A. Yes, you can upgrade your class of travel or airline as per the availability and on an additional cost. Please inform the same at the time of booking.

Q. Can I request for a window seat or seat with more leg space?

A. Yes, you can request for a window seat or seat with more leg space or an aisle seat at the airport check in counter. It will be provided by airline as per the availability.

Q. Would the airline have provision for a wheelchair?

A. Yes, airlines have provision but it is limited hence you need to inform us at the time of booking. Few airlines also have certain charges for wheel chair. Wheelchair is subject to availability and at the discretion of the airline.

Q. Can I book my own air tickets and join your tour?

A. Yes, for all tours of ImagineTrip.com you have a facility of joining the tour at the first destination and leaving the tour at the last destination. For such tours, you get a special joining and leaving price. Joining and leaving guest is the one who books the escorted group tour of ImagineTrip.com without taking the services of visa, insurance and main air travel ticket to reach the first destination of the tour and leaves the tour from the last place of Sightseeing / Restaurant / Hotel / Airport to reach his/ her hometown.

Q. How much baggage is allowed per ticket?

A. At present for most of the destinations, it is 20 to 25 kg for cargo and 6 to 7 kg for handbag per ticket but it does vary with the airline. For guest traveling to US at present baggage is controlled by Piece Concept. Under the Piece Concept, passengers are permitted per ticket to check two bags with a per-bag weight of up to 23 kg for Economy Class. However for internal flights there is no free baggage allowed, your 1 check in baggage cost is paid by ImagineTrip but the second check-in baggage if any has to be paid by guest. Also due to security reasons during internal flight the bags cannot be locked, same will be timely instructed by the Tour Leader on tour. Hand baggage of 7 kg is allowed for both international and internal flights.

Q. Can I do a telephonic or an internet check-in on the day of departure?

A. Most of the airlines in case of groups prefer check-in at the airport check in counter only.

Q. Does ImagineTrip book our journey tickets for Indian tours?

A. Indian tour price does not include air or railway tickets. In-case, you wish to travel by rail the tickets have to be booked by yourself. We book for your air travel only. However, we also have Air to Air tours where the tour price is inclusive of to and fro air ticket cost.

Q. If I book my own railway /air tickets, do I have to submit a copy to ImagineTrip?

A. If you book your own railway / air tickets then the ticket details must be shared with the travel Consultant.

Q. Will ImagineTrip assist for one way journey tickets?

A. We will assist you with one way tickets for regular tours but for Air to Air packages guest has to take to and fro ticket. They cannot opt for only one way ticket as the to & fro ticket fare is included in the tour price.

Q. How much baggage is allowed per ticket for domestic Air Tickets?

A. At present, depending upon the airline, most of the airlines are allowing 15 Kgs of Cargo bags per ticket and 05 Kgs of Handbag per ticket. In addition to hand baggage, one personal item like Laptop or ladies purse is allowed. However, due to security reasons for Jammu and Srinagar flights the hand baggage also goes along with the check in baggage and only laptop or digital camera is permitted inside the aircraft.

Q. Do I need to carry any ID proof while traveling?

A. Yes, all tourists traveling by air / rail for Indian tours have to carry photo identification proof in the form of driving license, election ID card, PAN card, passport and for students their school / college ID card. Also, at certain sightseeing places in India any Identity proof (except PAN card) is a must which is mentioned on the respective tour itinerary page on our website.


Q. What is the difference between Holiday Gift Cards & Holiday Gift Vouchers

A. Holiday Gift Card is personalized Greeting Card. This is a Physical Card like what you may purchase in your favorite Gift shops. You may provide your personalized message to your loved one & we may even add your images so the person receiving Gift Card knows whom to thank. We ensure to deliver Best quality Gift Cards on location details shared with us by Courier on the date as informed by you.

Holiday Gift Vouchers are set of Instructions which will provide details of your Gift Amount, Instructions on how to redeem the Card & detailed with Terms & Conditions about how to use the card. Gift Vouchers are normally Emailed to you (or your loved ones).

Q. So what exactly you provide, Gift Cards or Gift Vouchers?  

A. We provide you both Gift Cards as well as Gift Vouchers. We send the physical Gift Card couriered to you at location details shared with us. However Gift Voucher is normally send via Emails only. When you purchase the Gift Card, you or your loved one will receive personalized Physical Gift Card along with a Surprise Gift From ImagineTrip.

Q. What are the payment methods available for purchase?

A. All type of Holiday Cards can be purchased online only with Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Online Payments & Mobile Wallets.

Q. Which areas are covered for delivery locations?

A. We send the physical Gift Cards by Courier & hence we can send the Gift Cards anywhere in India. For International locations, you may need to pay us extra for delivery charges towards couriers.  

Q. I am planning to purchase ImagineTrip Value Gift Cards. But I need to arrive at total value of INR 40,000/- to make it meaningful to purchase my choice of International Holiday Package. How can I do this? 

A. You may purchase a combination of Value Gift Cards. Like You may purchase One Card for INR 25,000 & Three Cards for INR 5,000/- to arrive at total value of INR 40,000/- as per your need. You may need to make total two purchase transactions for buying the two different value cards. Similarly customers can combine any type of Value Cards & make a value as per your choice and budget.

Q. What happens with the unutilized amount in value Cards?

A. Value Cards may be used more than One time. You may retain the same during the validity period & can also be used in combination with other Value Cards. You may use the same for your next travel plan.  However if you really wish to credit the balance amount, you may send us refund request. We shall refund the balance amount after deducting INR 1,000/- per value Gift Card. Please keep in mind that refund will only be processed to account from where the payment has been made.

Q. What can I expect as Surprise Gift from ImagineTrip along with Gift Card for my loved one?   

A. Surprises are Best kept as Surprises, even to a person who is making a purchase, hence please don’t ask us as we are not going to tell you that.  However we assure you that you or your loved one will never be disappointed with the gift from ImagineTrip side. Just to give you an indication, we consider the occasion you are making the purchase & we also plan something accordingly to bring a smile of your face.

Q. I have entered the wrong email address, what do I do?

A. You must enter correct email address at the time of Registration on our website. We can’t send vouchers to any other email addresses except for the one used to purchase them. Check your email address before you make a purchase and please get in touch with us immediately if you think you have made a mistake.

Q. When will the Gift Cards be delivered?

A. Gift Vouchers are normally delivered via courier within 3 – 5 Days from the date of making your purchase. In case you need to deliver the Gift Card on any specific Future Date, we may arrange the same.

Q. When will the Gift Voucher be emailed?

Gift Vouchers are normally emailed to you on the same date from making your purchase on email ID shared with us. If you want us to send Gift Voucher on specific Future Date to your loved one, we may arrange for the same on your instruction.  

Q. Can I buy multiple Gift Vouchers on the same transaction?

A. You may purchase any no. of similar Type of Gift Vouchers in one transaction. However you may need to purchase different type of Gift Vouchers in separate transactions only.

Q. Can I get a refund on a voucher?

A. Yes. All type of Gift Vouchers will be refunded with a deduction charge of INR 1,000/- per voucher. However ImagineTrip Leisure Gift Cards are not refundable once the purchase has been made

Q. Can I encase Holiday Voucher to a booking that has already been made?

No. Once the Booking has been done, you may not be able to use the Voucher. You must use the voucher at the time of Booking only.

Q. I am the Beneficiary of the Gift Card. I do not wish to utilize the same but I need to encase the same. Can I get refund amount against this Gift Card?

A. No. Refund Request can only be placed by Individual who has purchased & made payment for Gift Voucher. The Refund request can only be placed once we receive written request from the person making booking with us. Also the refund amount will be given to same person only due to regulatory concerns. This is also to ensure safety associated with such Gift Cards & avoiding unauthorized usages.

In case you are not willing to go for any holidays, you may discuss with person who has given it to you & they may either process refund for the same or may also transfer the same to any other person as per your choice.

Q. How long are  the Holiday Voucher valid for?

A. ImagineTrip Value Gift Vouchers are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. ImagineTrip Holiday Gift Vouchers are valid for Limited Date Range as given to you at the time of purchase. ImagineTrip Leisure Vouchers are valid for a Given Day / Date Range only.

Q. What do I do if my voucher doesn't arrive?

A. Don’t worry. Please call us on + 261 266 8946 / + 91 9638335511 & we will arrange to provide you Gift Voucher immediately.

Q. What do I do if I lost my Gift Voucher?

A. Please contact us immediately on + 261 266 8946 / + 91 9638335511 & we will arrange to provide you a fresh Gift Voucher. The Gift Vouchers are secure & can not be misused due to our tracking policy while encasing.

Q. I have just received an ImagineTrip Gift Card & Gift Voucher from a friend. I am not sure how do I redeem this voucher?

A. Congratulations. Your special Friend has sent you a unique Gift & we will make sure you make the Best out of this special occasion. The Gift Vouchers can be redeemed on our Holiday Products listed on our website in line with details mentioned on your voucher. For more information about redemption, please contact our customer service team on + 261 266 8946 / + 91 9638335511.

Q. Can I redeem multiple vouchers on a booking?

A. Yes, multiple Email Vouchers can be used on one booking. Please call us for more details for instructions for the same.

Q. Can I purchase a new Holiday Voucher with another Holiday Voucher?

A. No, Holiday Vouchers can only be purchased by online payments only.

Q. Can I get a refund against Gift Cards after making purchase or booking on your website

A. No, Holiday Vouchers once utilized will not be refunded. You may avail the services purchased at the time of booking.  

Q. I have received a Gift Card & I am planning to purchase a Holiday Package which is having higher value than my Gift Card value. What should I do?

A. You may need to pay additional amount after deducting Gift Voucher amount at the time of making Booking for your package.   

Q. I have received a Gift Card & I am planning to purchase a Holiday Package which is having lower value than my Gift Card value. What to do with balance amount in Gift Card ?

A. You may use the same for any other purchase from our website or combine it with any other booking type during the validity period.

Q. The Validity of My Gift Card has expired. Can I get refund against the same?

A. No. after the validity expire Gift Cards can not be utilized or even refunded. You must use the Gift Cards during validity period only.

Q. As a beneficiary can I simply hand over the Gift Card to my family member for their use? 

A. You may do so. However we must receive confirmation from the purchaser of the Gift Card that you are genuinely transferring the Gift Card to a Third Party. This is essential to protect the unauthorized usage of Gift Cards.